Samantha has cerebral palsy,and has always had breathing issues. She was born 13 weeks prematurely, and has been dealing with asthma and noisy breathing all her life. When she was 10 years old, she started to snore...badly. After visiting the ENT, the decision was made to remove her tonsils and adenoids. It didn't help, the snoring kept getting worse to the point that if she was laying flat, she couldn't breathe.

Finally the decision was made to place a trach. We scheduled the surgery and began to prepare. The procedure was the best thing we had ever done for her! From the first day, she knew it was a good thing too, and has never once tried to take it out or play with it.

Sam will always have her trach, and that's ok with us because it's just a part of who she is now. She loves to pick out pretty ribbons and ties to match all of her clothes. She is now a happy, healthy 18 year old young woman thanks to this amazing device!