The 2nd International Tracheostomy Symposiums was held in Melbourne Australia and jointly presented by TRAMS Austin Health, the GTC and the Royal Children’s Hospital.

This inspiring quality collaborative is led by Dr David Roberson, ENT Specialist Harvard and Boston Children’s Hospital. Austin Health and the Royal Childrens Hospital are very pleased to be the lead Australasian sites and invite all of you to join us. The aim of the GTC is to improve the lives of children and adults who have a tracheostomy tube. This world first tracheostomy collaborative will attract clinicians from around the world.


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  • Huge thanks to all patients, families, speakers and attendees
  • 49 Tracheostomy Teams, 90 Institutions and 350 attendees
  • 820 people from around the globe joined the event via our live stream
  • Inspiring Patient and Family Forum
  • Colin Gray told his powerful story (Click Here)
  • Stimulating, humorous and thought provoking presentations by world leaders in tracheostomy care
  • Many centres committed to joining the GTC


Review Information On How to Join the GTC

Please download and read through the documents to learn more about the collaborative, kickoff meetings, and how to get your institution involved.

Program Outline

October 8, 2014

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Recorded Session 1


Introducing the GTC - Dr David Roberson
The International Perspective on Tracheostomy Care
The UK Perspective - Prof Tony Narula
The Australian Perspective; Teams of Tomorrow - Dr Graeme Duke
The Family Perspective - Erin Ward
The Patient Perspective - Kristy McMurray
Why Join the GTC? - Dr Haytham Kubba
How Do You Join the GTC? - Dr Haytham Kubba

Recorded Session 2


GTC Database - Dr Jay Berry, Dr Hannah Zhu
Key Drivers for Improving Tracheostomy Care in the US; Strategies for Safe Systems - Dr Michael J. Brenner
Discussion, Audience Survey and Participation - Dr S. Warrillow
Wrap Up - Dr David Roberson

Recorded Session 3


Introduction - Dr James Ward
Who Gets a Tracheostomy? To Extubate or Tracheostomise?
Dr Sam Radford, Assoc Prof Sue Berney
Masking the problem – Transitioning from Invasive ventilation to non-invasive ventilation
Dr James Ward, Linda Rautela
Notes from a Small Island: From Incidents to UK National Tracheostomy Safety Project
Dr Brendan McGrath
Do speaking valves have an impact on weaning/decannulation times? – a study using electrical impedance tomography to provide real time bedside imaging of the lungs - Anna-Liisa Sutt

Recorded Session 4


Early Complications including Tracheoinnominate Artery Bleeding - Mr Simon Knight
Paediatric Complications
An ENT Surgeon Perspective - Dr Haytham Kubba
A Respiratory Consultant Perspective - Dr Joanne Harrison
Respecting Patient Choices (RPC) Considerations - Dr Karen Detering
Expert Panel Discussion: Dr Nasir Bhatti, Prue Gregson, Kristy McMurray, Linda Rautela (Excluded from recording due to sensitive content)
Questions - Dr James Ward
Close - Tanis Cameron